Talking to Water

Working with the Bespoke Cultural Collective, Waterfront Toronto and Artspin as part of their Desire Lines project, Dayna Danger and I are engaging a Toronto audience with a performance piece called “Talking to Water”. Taking place in the evening of Thursday August 24th at 291 Lakeshore Dr. Toronto.

Talking to Water: Water deserves to be respected. Water is life, memory and our connection to the earth. For Indigenous peoples, there is a shared relationship between all life and water. Many Indigenous peoples consider Indigenous women and non-binary folks to share a deep connection to the spirit of water empowering them to take responsibility and be leaders in water protection. Colonization and all the things that come with it have led us to our current societal disconnection in the intergenerational transfer of knowledge surrounding water teachings and having general respect for water as our source for life. Artist Dayna Danger with support from Curator, Clayton Windatt will be leading a performance engaging the Toronto Waterfront through a Water Song. This work is meant to draw attention to connections between people and the water. It is to remind everyone of the land being developed and those that will be living there. Through this minor action of establishing a connection to water perhaps future actions can begin the process of reasserting Indigenous environmental stewardship and reclaiming water protection over the region.

Lots more to come as the project roles out. Check out more on the Artspin website: