New festival expands creative expression possibilities

IMG_0230Within the region of Nipissing we have an abundance of artistic events and people. Our region’s population is not huge but when you look at the cultural resources that a community of this size has, we are doing very well. Summer in the Park, Step Dance and Fiddle, Voyageur Days, Dances of Resistance and Culture Days are all coming in the next couple months and everyone will be caught up in the enthusiasm and the novelty of festival happenings. While these events take place, it may be important for each of us to look beyond the splendor of these events and take a critical look at the messages that each event is sending. Messages within art are the reasons why we look at all created works. The ideas that go into creations of paint, sculpture, dance or theatre are the root reason why these artistic items are created. Over the summer each festival will convey a series of ideas some of which are just about having fun and others that express issues found within society. Read the full article on North Bay Nipissing News.

8 thoughts on “New festival expands creative expression possibilities

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