Métis Transmission Satellites

Wake Up Final Still-3Métis Transmission Satellites
Clayton Windatt and Jessie Short are both prolific Multi-Artists working in various fields across Canada. With ImagineNative as a powerful backdrop the project MétisTransmission Satellites will take shape as a video exploration of personality and commentary from the perspective of each artist/curator. Each video piece in MétisTransmission Satellites will be a response to the cultural sector present in Toronto and/or the arts Milieu in general while working entirely through guerrilla video methods. At the Spoke Club, on October 15th at 9pm Clayton Windatt and Jessie Short will be screening works in progress and discussing the project and discussing questions about Treaty Rights, Indigeneity, Globalization, Self Representation, Ethical Engagement and Canada’s political future.

Jessie Short attained a BA at Trent University in Native Studies and Anthropology and an MA Degree in Social Justice and Equity Studies at Brock University. Jessie’s MA thesis explores Métis-specific visual culture studies through an examination of three prominent Métis visual artists: Christi Belcourt, David Garneau and Rosalie Favell. During her graduate studies, Jessie received an Ontario Graduate scholarship (2007), a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship – Master’s (2008), and a National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation (now INDSPIRE) Post- Secondary bursary (2009). Jessie also worked at The Banff Centre between 2009-2010 as the Aboriginal Arts Administration and Research workstudy before moving into a contract position as one of the Program Coordinators of Creative Residencies for the visual arts department. After Banff, Jessie returned to Ontario to finish writing and successfully defend her MA thesis in the summer of 2011. Jessie presented her research on contemporary Métis visual culture at the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective/Collectif des Conservateurs autochtones symposium in October, 2011 at OCAD University. In June, 2012, Jessie co-curated the exhibition entitled Emnowaangosjig || Coming Out: The Shifting and Multiple Self with Vanessa Dion Fletcher at the Toronto Free Gallery. In October 2013 Jessie wrote the exhibition essay for Jeneen Frei Njootli’s solo exhibition Thunderstruck at Whipper Snapper Gallery, Toronto. Jessie has worked as the National Coordinator for the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective/Collectif des Conservateurs autochtones since October 2012.