Everything is Nothing

Friday, Feb 24th @ 3pm and 6:30pm
Saturday, Feb 25th @ 11am & 2pm
Sunday, Feb 26th @ 11am & 2pm

Ontario is a spacious and intimidating landmass with Toronto located in the centre both geographically and ideologically. Destination driven actions often lose sight of the relationship of one place to another, but every place exists in relation to others. Toronto is no exception with each of its suburbs looking at itself as independent yet always in relation to its neighbours. As communities change and the geography expands or contracts, people tend to increasingly evaluate their own relationships to place. Change sparks interest and generates conversations about the future and the past. With major changes happening within Toronto’s economy, ecology and living infrastructure what opinions can those that observe Toronto without living there offer to the conversation? What does Toronto mean to travellers venturing into this large city? What do the changes of landscape and community mean to those that do not engage in that region other than as observers and guests?

“Everything is Nothing” is a fast paced series of contemporary multi-arts expressions exploring the themes of migration, travel, location and interaction. This 5-person performance, spoken word, theatre and media arts piece challenges the audience to consider themselves in relation to everywhere else at once and to consider how important our lives may be in relation to a bigger picture.

Run time: approximately 20 minutes
Genre: Contemporary Multi-Arts Performance

Joshua Bainbridge
Kelsey Ruhl
Morgan Bedard
Clayton Windatt
Tara Windatt

As part of Toronto for Everyone‘s event at Honest Ed’s closing February 24th-26th, 2017.