Generations Under Ground

My name is Clayton Windatt and I am seeking support for the development of “Generations Under Ground” my one-act play. I have lived in Nipissing First Nation territory for most of my life and work as an Indigenous Métis designer, actor, writer, director, curator, arts administrator, activist and active multi-artist. One of the personal goals of my arts activism has been to promote the understanding and appreciation of art culture by providing information and provoking thought from my audiences.

“Generations Under Ground” will be one of the vignettes presented as part of the upcoming Break Something cabaret in 2017 along side of other multi-arts performance pieces. “Generations Under Ground” is a non-verbal piece, approximately 20 minutes in length utilizing a 9-person cast. This work explores a history of relationships over the span of hundreds of years. It follows the bloodline of people who are dominated by another culture who then lead that dominating force through the process of remembering as a way of reclaiming space. This work is based on actual historic events, but does not identify with any specific culture removing personal action and identity from the work making it culturally neutral as a storytelling method. This play is an extension of my previous work “The End of the World” which also attempted to neutralize gender, race or specificity as a way of making Indigenous stories relatable to a global audience. “Generations Under Ground” will also employ masks and metaphor but in a much more immersive way that will bring the audience through roughly 700 years of our collective past and then look at how remembering these chapters of our history will lead us back to the best part of our shared history.