ESCAPE PLAN B is a project that I have been developing for a while. It addresses my obsession with the end of the world and the impulse to abandon the modern world entirely. These 26 assembled bags are a starting point for anyone that wants to venture on a journey of preparation and survivalism. I am in no way an expert on anything but have spent way too much time preparing supplies and tools for my family and our emergency response kits and decided to offer a small amount of advice to others by making a booklet.

The booklet entitled “Escape Plan B – 10 things to help you stay alive when the world ends – Bug-Out-Bag” was my response. Edited by my partner Tara Windatt and Illustrated by my friend and colleague Kevin Wu, this project became a collective effort. The resulting assembled 26 bags are being used to support artists through BUSH Gallery and the Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film. They are gifts towards artists that are making meaningful contributions towards the world I live within and these bags are a simple way of showing thanks. To see what is included in the bags, please watch the video below.

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