All the Kings Horses

as the colour field begins to dry the instigator steps back
work completed yet aesthetic reflection invites pondering

a seemingly endless battle between red and blue
so fundamentally different yet so close and familiar
each holding their own space yet bleeding into each other
is this a conflict or a marriage

a twist of the wrist and colours splash in new directions

orange spills across the surface full of new ideas
green grows outwards impacting slowly rooting self
blue and red are pushed to the sides and interlaced
a complicated dance of rivers and dots

minor threads of colours break surface tension

reds and blues darken into the colour of blood
orange and green fade together into brownish ochre
yellow dots add anomalous ideas and hope
fleeting intrigue followed by repetition and pattern

a sigh as the scene dries locking colour into form

a step back to a critical distance
the dance ends forever in conflict or exchange
how boring this image would be without the drama
a new canvas is mounted to repeat the cycle

colours on a field of white