Slaglines at VIVA!

Slaglines from Clayton Windatt on Vimeo.

Retracing my history, this performance visits the many injuries of my past growing up in direct and indirect proximity to crime, violence, and drug abuse as well as other very personal aspects of my childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Slaglines reflects my personal journey in coming to terms with “self”; taking ownership over who I am and where I come from. Heavily addressing my relationship with my father, my upbringing and the locality in which I live today, the performance is a symbolic gesture in which I destroy a version of myself made of fragile materials after spending a week creating my copy. Slaglines retraces memory in the way that discarded glass-like by-products spill across the surface of rock after ore is processed creating a complicated web of intersections. My body becomes these intersections weaving complexity into my personal roadmap and although the value I find retracing these memories is still very toxic, taking ownership over self is more substantial than a paper façade.

Special thanks to Ignacio Pérez Pérez for live streaming this event at the VIVA! Art Action festival in Montreal 2019.