When reflecting on message-making and forming public opinions that include multiple voices, consideration on how consensus can be reached becomes mandatory. Often arts advocates and political activators react to changes in situation (political, economic, social, etc.) quickly, giving very little time to reflect or establish healthy dialogues within community or even between individuals. These advocates form messages quickly interpreting community needs without taking the necessary time to consult effectively. Staying connected to community allows messages to be made fluidly without having to constantly update each person… or does it? “THINKING WITH MANY VOICES” is an exhibition that explores the spaces between advocates and the communities they have set out to represent. Clayton Windatt is creating a body of text-based works that allow for input from many people both locally in North Bay and from rural communities and urban centres across Canada. Each work will be a reflection of a moment, a person and a situation where things have gone very well or have had catastrophic results. How have messages been contextualized and how are discussions of consent, consensus and representation being explored by many people and through many voices?

Works will be on display at the Black Box Gallery from July 12th until August 31st and on view as part of the ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival taking place August 13th – 17th, 2019.