Colonial Encounters – A Self-Guided MINI FILM FESTIVAL (60min)

A Self-Guided MINI FILM FESTIVAL (60min)
Colonial Encounters” is a series of 11 short films and 2 feature film trailers programmed by Clayton Windatt as a response to reading “All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward”, a book by Tanya Talaga. This self-guided film festival was provoked by Michelle Wyndham-West through the OCADU Design for Health (MDes) program. When watching, consider what inequalities exist between peoples and places over time. Consider various Indigenous knowledges and worldviews presented within the works and how these conflict with expectations, stereotypes and modern day messages. Consider the works themselves to be acts of resistance from a land that is making effort to decolonize itself but struggling at every step. Consider health, relationships and overall power dynamics that are playing out on a daily basis within our shared society. This program is designed to provoke as an act of education in regards to Indigenous relationships as well as invoke emotions of humour, care, pain, loss, sadness and an optimism in our collective futures as relationships could, can, will be better someday. NOTE: All films present in this self guided film festival are posted publicly by the artists or their producers. I am simply telling you where they are posted and not licensing any content for the purposes of this mini film festival. If the links no longer work, the artist has moved their files which is their right. 

Colonial Encounters

The Pass System (Trailer) – 2:25
By Alex Williams

Charley Squash Goes to Town – 4:30
By Duke Redbird

The End of the World – 6:00
By Clayton Windatt

Land Of the Silver Birch…Home of the Beaver – 3:45
By Sara DeCarlo

Missing You – 1:14
By Clayton Windatt

Ronnie BoDean – 13:03
By Steven Paul Judd

Sometimes – 2:50
By Cole Stevens-Goulais

Naked Island – Hipster Headdress – 0:42
By Amanda Strong

Some Stories… – 8:03
By Clayton Windatt

Into Water – 5:35
By Cole Forrest

By Caroline Monnet

The Dancing Cop – 6:10
By Kelvin Redvers

Inconvenient Indian (Trailer) – 0:37
By Michelle Latimer