Artistic Iterations

My current projects “possibilities of human intervention” and “artists, rights and activism: a basic income for all” are explorations of relationships and how personal connections shape my communication methodologies. My goal is to explore and understand my own environment and role, and make offerings towards co-designed structures within the arts world. I think about co-design processes as the only pathways forward for most facets of society and how my messages can make an impact. I want to gain knowledge and find ways to better help people.

As an artist and advocate I communicate in various ways simultaneously; some are intentional while others are less within my control. I form arts offerings as critiques of our shared world, considering critical discourse within a care-based, consent-driven narrative. I also consider critical theory and the effort that is required to travel communication pathways together. I acknowledge my iterative process as my way of thinking, making and interacting with others as a self-critical person. I constantly negotiate my own role within any given subject imagining theoretical contingencies that are heavily evaluated. I also acknowledge that my process is constantly changing, influenced by those that work in relative proximity to me and the subjects I explore.

I work in a public space, posting on my website and choosing my message-making carefully. I often refuse to engage certain subjects as a conscious decision to occupy space as needed, not just for the sake of occupying. I am also aware that my messages have a finite circle of influence and that although my circle is large, it has limits and gaps. This awareness allows me to understand my boundaries and push against them by constantly negotiating self in proximity to the world.

Ultimately, my goal is personal growth. If I can better understand my own relationships to creativity, advocacy, curation, activism, administration and my relationships between these processes and my peers I can then offer recommendations for structural shifts within the overall arts ecology towards increased labour rights, critical discourse, healing, sovereignty, agency, and civic engagement, and better advocate for fundamental human rights within in the arts.