thumb.phpLooking out the window, Nipissing is changing colours again as it does each year. The leaves are already turning reds and yellows and it gets everyone thinking about a new step in their lives. It is time to put on a sweater and connect with everyone that you missed over the summer. A really great way to get out of the house is to go for a walk in your local community. When I want to experience the changes in the weather, I go for a walk in downtown Sturgeon Falls and go check out the marina. It helps me to feel a connection to my community and see the changes in the plants and animals.

Another walk that everyone can do is the DOWNTOWN GALLERY HOP which is taking place in North Bay tonight!. This walk lets patrons of the arts “hop” from arts space to arts space seeing the different shows that each group has put on and connecting with other members of the local arts community. The Gallery Hop takes place every two months and each arts venue downtown has a cute little map to show you where to go next.

While your hopping along, make sure to check out the Clément Bérini response exhibition by BRAVO, which is a collective of francophone artists within Ontario. Clément Bérini (1930-1996) Bérini a well-known Northern Ontario painter and a leading figure of the organization was a member of BRAVO which is why BRAVO decided to open the project to all regional chapters of BRAVO. Each chapter (North, Center, East, South) selected a painting from Bérini’s body of work. The participating artists then set about the task of creating a new work, based on the painting selected by his or her regional chapter, in their preferred art form and language, while honouring and celebrating the work of one of their own. Thirty BRAVO Artists, from around Ontario (North, Center, East, South) invite you to reflect on some recent, current and emerging concerns.

Get out of your house now and go talk to people. Seeing someone face-to-face will make your day and help the rest of us keep this community active. For more information about the WKP Kennedy Gallery located at 150 Main St E, North Bay, please visit their website at: and to read more about BRAVO you can go to: