Arts in a Digital World Summit

So, I had heard that there was going to be a digital summit for the arts in 2017. It was early days and I wondered how people were going to get invited to such an event. I knew that digital issues were on the top of many policy makers minds and that as a digital artist, I needed to go… but how? I kept waiting to find out how people were being selected and then got tired of waiting… I set up an audio track and some ocean sound to balance and then broke out my 360 camera. I took a 3D gun which works like a 3D printer and glue gun had a child. I then took the time to enclose my 360 camera in plastic bit by bit. The irony of wasting plastic as a commentary on the plastics in our oceans is not lost on me. I recycle my plastics into new works so don’t worry. I then sent the video to the Canada Council with a letter stating my clear interest in participating in the event for my own benefit. I got in and the discussions impacted me greatly.