Over the past two years Zakide has sprung up as an ad-hoc group operating through small projects and research collaborations locally in and around Nipissing First Nations. I have played my role in this groups development by working through the White Water Gallery as they searched for their own organizational role in the Aboriginal Art sphere.

ZAKIDE: We have adopted the Ojibwe word “Zakide” in respect for the Aboriginal territory that we currently inhabit (Nipissing First Nations) but also as a way of celebrating excitement towards the events that we are planning. This collective / group has been created to explore Aboriginal programming free of WWG as it may become the first Aboriginal specific Artist-Run Centre to exist in Ontario as it grows and becomes more established. Currently we are being realistic about our path, which is why we have adopted the all-encompassing mandate: “To advance the public’s appreciation of contemporary Aboriginal art by producing public art exhibitions and presentations, and by providing forum for qualified Aboriginal artists to exhibit, present, or perform their artistic works through participation in such events.”

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