Working with Aanmitaagzi at Ice Follies 2016

Lately I have been working with Aanmitaagzi on all sorts of creation processes including the Serpent People installations taking place as part of Ice Follies 2016. Serpent People is a major three-year project exploring the serpent tale legend of Lake Nipissing which as you know I have already been exploring through previous projects such as Mishi Namewag and Makadewaa Namewag.

These installations have played a major part in kick starting the Serpent People project. I also worked on more giant puppets; one was designed to be pulled behind snowmobiles and fly in the sky as a kite. Working with and directing community members in the gathering of content, creating of installations as we empower each other to make things happen is what its all about.

Working as an artist in Ice Follies was a great trip as it was my first time participating in this capacity. I had worked as curator of the festival for the past 2 festivals (2012 & 2014) but never participated as an artist. It was a lot of work though as I was also curating a piece through Zakide with artist and composer Edgardo Moreno called Nisidotan which was a sound installation at the outdoor frozen site and then inside the WKP Kennedy Gallery.

OAC_REVISED_NEWCOLOURS_1805cI would like to thank the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation for approving my application to the Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance program. Their support helped me to make my installation as awesome as possible. I would also like to thank the Serena Kataoka of White Water Gallery, Holly Cunningham of Near North Mobile Media Lab, Sid Bobb and Penny Couchie of Aanmitaagzi for planning and initiating the Ice Follies 2016 event making it a reality.