Two, 1-Act Plays by Clayton Windatt

I have written two, 1-act plays each addressing different aspects of the end of the world. These new works are being created exploring current environmental change in the year 2020 during the COVID19 pandemic and social isolation lock-down. Although early drafts began before the pandemic, this time period has influenced my writing greatly pushing me to explore core ideas of human nature and earth’s potential grim futures. Although these works explore very dark areas of human interactions, it is my goal that by exploring these situations I can find pathways to better futures both in our current climate and for those who will come after us. I am currently workshopping these short plays and seeking venues to engage readings and possible production.Survival is seemingly the only focus for Clayton and Isaac as they sift through the remnants of a fallen world. Everything is gone, leaving only broken places, lost memories and echoes of the past. Adapting to the ruins has become the new normal but now, as the only two humans left alive, they discover how broken and lost they really are. Ghosts at the End of Tomorrow” is a short play written by Clayton Windatt and is currently under development with support from Isaac Thomas as the original idea for this piece came from a discussion between both artists.

Following two wasteland travellers, Massive and Time Bomb each named by the apocalypse and playing the roles the world has given them. Exhaustion, as they exchange stories of the hardships that led to their current states. Hope, as they exchange ideas and information about the communities that they each left behind. Terror, as they discover the reasons why the world fell apart are still the reasons why the world cannot be rebuilt. “Sparse Context” is an exploration of our near futures and the consequences of human actions in proximity to each other.

I would like to thank the Ontario Arts Council for their ongoing support of artists like myself and for all the work that they do making the world a better place through arts actions.


I have confirmed a reading of “Ghosts at the End of Tomorrow” and other recent works at the upcoming ON THE EDGE Fringe Festival. I will be doing a reading up to 60 minutes in length so I should be able to get both pieces in there plus some other works in progress. These are being developed through the BLOOD-TEETH-BONES Collective (BTB), as I continue to review and refine my work and seek ways of developing my writing overall.

BTB is the collective established by Clayton Windatt to develop new works and create professional performance opportunities for writers, playwrights, actors and artists specifically working in performance art and theatre. This ad-hoc multidisciplinary group collaborates on projects and promotes individual works while striving towards shared goals. Currently BTB is working towards producing new theatre works and seeking opportunities to activate space within the Nipissing District.

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